26A Rowell Road Singapore 207982


10 Jan 2020

For its first exhibition for 2020, Your Mother Gallery presents Linea Divisoria, a collection of recent works by Filipino Artist Alwin Reamillo.Linea Divisoria, which means dividing line’ in Spanish, references the colonial era demarcation line for the native Indio and Chinese migrant communities outside of the Walled City of Intramuros. From this colonial zone of segregation, a thriving center of mixed retail and wholesale trading of would emerge. In this first solo exhibition in Singapore, Reamillo reimagines Divisoria: its unique location, hybrid mix of culture and diverse history with a sense of whimsical fluttering and flights of fancy through mixed media series of ‘piano wings’ and multi-layered /painted ‘wooden match boxes’. Like butterflies and moths emerging from their matchbox cocoons, the various objects found and constructed will be animated in a new installation interweaving various strands of narratives, from fact, fiction and the spaces in between. Like a continuing spin of Zhuangzi’s dream of a butterfly as it cross-pollinates with the Jose Rizal’s allegorical story of the moth (as told by his mother), the exhibition will explore mixing and layering of stories, deconstructed and retold to reflect upon the emerging complexities our increasing globalised world.

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